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Samsung Ultra-Mobile PC Expected In Best Buy Stores This Summer

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has launched its ultra-mobile PC, which is e...[Added: 2006-05-05]
Category : Hardware

Open-Source Trend Brings Big Challenge To Software Leaders

As more companies and government agencies use open-source software, a tre...[Added: 2006-05-04]
Category : Open Source

Try Napster on the Mac for free, via the Web

iTunes Music Store rival Napster has launched a new Web site that lets PC...[Added: 2006-05-04]
Category : Apple Mac

Xybernaut Sells Patents Targeting Ads To Mobile Devices

Xybernaut Corp. will auction patents that can wirelessly transmit adverti...[Added: 2006-05-04]
Category : Wireless Mobile

Skype Hits the 100-Million-User Mark

If one characteristic of a utopian society is that you can make free phon...[Added: 2006-05-03]
Category : Internet

Microsoft puts money behind Web strategy talk

Microsoft Corp. is backing up its talk of investing in Web services with ...[Added: 2006-05-02]
Category : Microsoft

Sony to take another swing at the iPod

Sony is preparing to take another swing at Apple’s iPod digital mus...[Added: 2006-05-02]
Category : Apple Mac

Debate Breaks Out Over 'Tag Spam'

The price paid for a high ranking Google's search list, can be counterpro...[Added: 2006-05-01]
Category : Security

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