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Agencies probing sales of cellphone data

A U.S. Congressman said on Friday that federal agencies were looking into...[Added: 2006-01-24]
Category : Hardware

Blogs put megaphone up to Sundance buzz

As befits its indie roots, the Sundance Film Festival has long played hos...[Added: 2006-01-21]
Category : Internet

Mozilla Releases Thunderbird 1.5 E-Mail Client

Mozilla Corp. has formally released a new version of its Thunderbird e-ma...[Added: 2006-01-15]
Category : Open Source

Agencies probing sales of cellphone data

A U.S. Congressman said on Friday that federal agencies were looking into...[Added: 2006-01-15]
Category : Internet

Symbol Readies Wave Of New Wireless Products

Over the next few months, Symbol Technologies plans to roll out a flurry ...[Added: 2006-01-15]
Category : Wireless Mobile

AOpen Gives Vars An Intel-Based Miniature PC AlternativeAOpen Gives Vars An Intel-Based Miniature PC Alternative

Much of Apple Computer’s sales of its Mac Mini desktop system came ...[Added: 2006-01-15]
Category : Network

Viisage, Identix Merging To Form Biometric ID Giant

Two major players in the biometric identity, Viisage Technology and Ident...[Added: 2006-01-14]
Category : Security

CBS Developing Soap Opera For Cell Phones: Report

CBS is developing a soap opera specifically for broadcast to cell phones,...[Added: 2006-01-14]
Category : Wireless Mobile

IBM, HP, Sun Show Unity In One Way: Belief In Unix

Don't write off the Unix server market just yet.
  Category : Open Source

Virtual Indonesian lovers tie knot over Internet

Two Indonesians in their 50s exchanged wedding vows this week without eve...[Added: 2006-01-14]
Category : Internet

Imation ramps up optical disk media

MANHASSET, N.Y. — Removable data storage media supplier Imation Cor...[Added: 2006-01-14]
Category : Network

Groups set to approve next-gen Wi-Fi spec

LONDON — The industry is honing in on a compromise proposal for the...[Added: 2006-01-13]
Category : Wireless Mobile

Skype Wins Over Past Critics

A new version of Net phone calling software from Skype Technologies SA, a...[Added: 2006-01-13]
Category : Software

Analyst declares Blu-ray the winner

HALF MOON BAY, Calif. — While the battle is far from over in the ne...[Added: 2006-01-13]
Category : Hardware

Microchip licenses SmartShunt to BMW

LONDON — Microcontroller chip company Microchip Technology Inc. has...[Added: 2006-01-13]
Category : Hardware

Apple Debuts Intel-Powered iMac

Apple entered a new era Tuesday with the launch of its first Intel-powere...[Added: 2006-01-12]
Category : Apple Mac

Microsoft Patches Two Critical Flaws

Microsoft has released patches for two critical security flaws in its sof...[Added: 2006-01-12]
Category : Microsoft

Microsoft, Apple Sign 5-Year Software Pact

SEATTLE - Apple Computer Inc. won't thwart users from loading Microsoft's...[Added: 2006-01-12]
Category : Software

FTC launches site to fight cybercrime

Responding to the rising cybercrime threat, the Federal Trade Commission ...[Added: 2006-01-12]
Category : Internet

Oracle to Add 1,400 Jobs in India

BOMBAY, India - U.S. business-software maker Oracle Corp. plans to add 1,...[Added: 2006-01-11]
Category : Software

Fiber-Optics Cut Affects Sprint Service

Sprint Nextel Corp.'s wireless, long-distance and Internet customers alon...[Added: 2006-01-11]
Category : Internet

Samsung to export TV phones to China

Samsung Electronics said on Monday (Jan. 9) it has agreed to supply 500,0...[Added: 2006-01-11]
Category : Hardware

Microsoft plans two more critical patches

Microsoft may have released the Windows Metafile hot fix, but it has othe...[Added: 2006-01-10]
Category : Microsoft

Intel Delivers New Dual-Core Mobile Technology

Intel rolled out last week the first batch of low-power dual-core process...[Added: 2006-01-10]
Category : Network

Adobe revamps Flash animation for mobile

SAN FRANCISCO — Adobe Systems Inc. has released Macromedia Flash Li...[Added: 2006-01-10]
Category : Wireless Mobile

Yahoo Go Keeps Users Connected

LAS VEGAS-- With some help from Hollywood stars Ellen DeGeneres and Tom C...[Added: 2006-01-09]
Category : Internet

Nvidia puts its support behind Windows Vista

NVIDIA said Friday that not only will it align its products with Windows ...[Added: 2006-01-09]
Category : Microsoft

Intel moves into entertainment business

LAS VEGAS — Long known as a chip supplier for the PC world, Intel C...[Added: 2006-01-09]
Category : Hardware

Microsoft has no plan to buy Opera browser: paper

Software giant Microsoft has no plan to buy its small Norwegian Internet ...[Added: 2006-01-07]
Category : Microsoft

New gadgets expand iPod economy into video

The soaring iPod economy is expanding to video with the first wave of new...[Added: 2006-01-07]
Category : Apple Mac

Microsoft Tunes Into Windows Live

LAS VEGAS-- A broader plan for Microsoft's Windows Live services portal i...[Added: 2006-01-07]
Category : Software

TechTool Protege offers Mac utilities on flash drive

Micromat Inc. has introduced TechTool Protege, a new Mac OS X troubleshoo...[Added: 2006-01-07]
Category : Apple Mac

IP VPN Revenues Will Double To $658 Million: Report

Network-based IP VPN revenues will nearly double from 2004 to 2009, to re...[Added: 2006-01-06]
Category : Network

Kodak, Lexar Unveil New Memory Cards for Cameras, PDAs

Eastman Kodak and Lexar Media have introduced new memory cards for high-s...[Added: 2006-01-06]
Category : Hardware

The Print Shop: Linux Drivers Made Easy

A small but growing percentage of computer users today reap the benefits ...[Added: 2006-01-06]
Category : Open Source

Internet Companies Storm Consumer Electronics Show

Internet giants Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft are set to dominate the 2006...[Added: 2006-01-05]
Category : Internet

Internet poses political challenge to Asian governments

Asian governments attempting to control the free flow of information face...[Added: 2006-01-05]
Category : Internet

Nanotech center set in Albany

SAN JOSE, Calif. — More details were disclosed on Tuesday (Jan. 2) ...[Added: 2006-01-05]
Category : Network

LG, Samsung unveil DVB-H, Media FLO phones

SEOUL, South Korea — Battling to preempt the world’s mobile b...[Added: 2006-01-04]
Category : Hardware

Online Shopping Hit New Highs in 2005

Holiday shoppers spent more online in 2005 than they did in 2004, continu...[Added: 2006-01-03]
Category : Internet

Starz to launch movie downloads service

Cable network Starz Entertainment Group LLC said it plans to launch an In...[Added: 2006-01-03]
Category : Internet

AskMeNow Launches Interactive Voice Response

AskMeNow, a company that delivers text-message answers to questions on an...[Added: 2006-01-02]
Category : Software

Google and Apple stock surge may mask tech maturity

Investors may remember 2005 as the year technology stocks heated up again...[Added: 2006-01-01]
Category : Apple Mac

IPTV: Another Fun Way To Waste Time At Work

CBS last week began streaming episodes of two sitcoms, "Two And A Half Me...[Added: 2006-01-01]
Category : Network

Video codec startup claims iPod first

SAN FRANCISCO — Claiming an industry first, low-power codec IC star...[Added: 2006-01-01]
Category : Hardware

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