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Sonic upgrades ESB, touts SOA benefits

Sonic Software is upgrading its enterprise service buses (ESB) Monday, wi...[Added: 2006-03-30]
Category : Software

Jajah VoIP Service Launch Threatens Skype

A European start-up company that promises to make Voice over Internet Pro...[Added: 2006-03-29]
Category : Wireless Mobile

BMC Software to buy Identify Software for $150 mln

BMC Software Inc. (NYSE:BMC - news), which makes software used to manage ...[Added: 2006-03-29]
Category : Software

Survey offers a 'sneak peek' into Net surfers' brains

Seeing is believing when it comes to understanding how consumers surf the...[Added: 2006-03-28]
Category : Internet

Gates lays out future for enterprise apps

Corporate users will increasingly combine traditional enterprise software...[Added: 2006-03-28]
Category : Microsoft

InPhase claims data storage density record

LONDON — InPhase Technologies Inc., a five-year old startup company...[Added: 2006-03-28]
Category : Hardware

Nortel, Sierra Wireless achieve EV-DO calls

Nortel and Sierra Wireless announced Friday (March 24) they have achieved...[Added: 2006-03-27]
Category : Wireless Mobile

Symantec: SOAs Creating New Security Risks

The rise of robust, affordable networks has made it easier and cheaper fo...[Added: 2006-03-27]
Category : Security

Microsoft Slams Apple's Security System

A security program manager at Microsoft Corp. has scolded rival Apple Com...[Added: 2006-03-26]
Category : Security

Microsoft Readies Internet Explorer Changes

Web surfers may start noticing some unusual behavior from their Internet ...[Added: 2006-03-25]
Category : Microsoft

Qualcomm, TechFaith form 3G software company

MANHASSET, N.Y. — Qualcomm Inc. and China TechFaith Wireless Commun...[Added: 2006-03-24]
Category : Wireless Mobile

Novell Says It's Talking to OEMs About Bundling Its Desktop

SALT LAKE CITY—Novell is talking to a number of OEMs about getting ...[Added: 2006-03-24]
Category : Open Source

French lawmakers put worm in Apple's iPod

French lawmakers have hit the pause button on the iPod, voting to force A...[Added: 2006-03-23]
Category : Apple Mac

Red Bend to upgrade Sharp 3G phones

HOD HASHARON, Israel — Sharp Corp. will use Red Bend Software’...[Added: 2006-03-23]
Category : Wireless Mobile

Windows Vista Delay: Good News for Apple?

Microsoft's decision to delay the consumer versions of Windows Vista unti...[Added: 2006-03-22]
Category : Apple Mac

Microsoft Readies Next Two Versions of Internet Explorer

LAS VEGAS – Microsoft wants to make up for lost time, after waiting...[Added: 2006-03-22]
Category : Internet

Red Hat aims to simplify CPU virtualization

Red Hat formally announced at a press event in San Francisco last week it...[Added: 2006-03-22]
Category : Open Source

NEC refines bioplastic material for handsets

LONDON — NEC Corp. and Unitika Ltd. have co-developed a bioplastic ...[Added: 2006-03-21]
Category : Wireless Mobile

Updated: iSuppli's final IC, fabless rankings

SAN JOSE, Calif. — The semiconductor rankings changed in 2005 in wh...[Added: 2006-03-20]
Category : Network

Social Networking Won't Lift Netscape from Web Limbo

Talk in the industry that Time Warner will try to revive its Netscape div...[Added: 2006-03-20]
Category : Internet

Kingston Moves USB Drives Into Compliance

Kingston Technology Company Inc. has unveiled a USB flash drive said to s...[Added: 2006-03-19]
Category : Network

Model-driven development, AJAX shortcomings aired

SANTA CLARA, CALIF. -- Interest in model-driven software development and ...[Added: 2006-03-18]
Category : Software

Skype's New Business Offering Under Fire

A perception that Skype’s VoIP solutions aren’t ready for pri...[Added: 2006-03-18]
Category : Wireless Mobile

Apple's Bud Tribble on Mac OS X security

There has been a lot of talk in the press recently about how secure Mac O...[Added: 2006-03-17]
Category : Apple Mac

Silicon Graphics Unveils 'Supercomputer In A Blade'

A supercomputer in a blade was unveiled Wednesday by Silicon Graphics. Th...[Added: 2006-03-17]
Category : Hardware

Microsoft Goes Public With Its Hacker Conference

SAN FRANCISCO-- Microsoft is going public with some of the hacking inform...[Added: 2006-03-17]
Category : Microsoft

Samsung follows Microsoft with own 'ultra-mobile' PC

SEOUL, South Korea — Microsoft wasn't the only company to launch an...[Added: 2006-03-13]
Category : Hardware

IBM Switches Linux Desktops, But Isn't Dumping Windows

Linux desktops are switching to Red Hat Inc.'s version of the open-source...[Added: 2006-03-13]
Category : Open Source

Analysis: Music Phones To Slice Into iPod Growth

Perhaps the biggest threat to Apple Computer Inc.'s iPod and the portable...[Added: 2006-03-12]
Category : Wireless Mobile

Lucent demonstrates 100-Gbit Ethernet transmission

ANAHEIM, Calif. — Lucent Technologies’ Bell Labs reported Wed...[Added: 2006-03-12]
Category : Network

NBA Spurs Slash Backup

The NBA champion San Antonio Spurs recently overhauled their backup infra...[Added: 2006-03-12]
Category : Network

Adobe aims to grow Flash, Reader on mobiles

Design software maker Adobe Systems Inc. expects to see increasing revenu...[Added: 2006-03-12]
Category : Software

French parliament blocks move to legalise downloads

MPs from France's ruling conservative party have blocked a move to legali...[Added: 2006-03-12]
Category : Internet

LG supplies mobile TV phone to Germany

SEOUL, South Korea — South Korea’s LG Electronics Inc. will l...[Added: 2006-03-12]
Category : Wireless Mobile

International Citibank Customers Shaken By Data Breach

Citibank, the consumer and corporate banking arm of Citigroup Inc., confi...[Added: 2006-03-11]
Category : Security

Verizon Wireless To Turn Mobile Phone Into TiVo Remote

Verizon Wireless and TiVo on Tuesday announced a deal in which Verizon su...[Added: 2006-03-11]
Category : Wireless Mobile

InfoStreet Upgrades Integrated Suite of Productivity Software

InfoStreet today announced the release of StreetSmart 7.0, a significant ...[Added: 2006-03-11]
Category : Software

CeBIT: Logitech Launches a Host of New Consumer Products

HANOVER, GERMANY-- Logitech introduced a host of new consumer products at...[Added: 2006-03-10]
Category : Apple Mac

Bell Labs Test Reaches 100 Gigabits Per Second

The goal of 100 Gigabits per second is within reach but not ready for com...[Added: 2006-03-10]
Category : Network

SigmaTel, Infineon team on Bluetooth PMP

MANHASSET, N.Y. — Semiconductor suppliers SigmaTel Inc. and Infineo...[Added: 2006-03-09]
Category : Wireless Mobile

Broadband Revenue Doubled In 2005, Led By DSL: Report

Revenues from broadband customer premise equipment (CPE) sales grew drama...[Added: 2006-03-09]
Category : Network

Brazil will test South Korea's WiMax service

SEOUL, South Korea — Samsung Electronics has agreed with BrazilR...[Added: 2006-03-09]
Category : Wireless Mobile

RIM Settles with NTP For $612.5 Million

Research In Motion Ltd said Friday it has reached a $612.5 million settle...[Added: 2006-03-08]
Category : Wireless Mobile

Analysis: AT&T-BellSouth deal dials back Ma Bell

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Nine months after analysts wondered if th...[Added: 2006-03-07]
Category : Network

Raritan Introduces Management Appliance For SMBs

Raritan announced this week CommandCenter NOC (CC-NOC), a management appl...[Added: 2006-03-07]
Category : Network

CeBIT: Microsoft Offers a Few More 'Origami' Details

Despite the buzz being generated by its Origami Project, Microsoft plans ...[Added: 2006-03-07]
Category : Software

China Denies Plans To Split Internet

Recent reports that China is creating its own version of the Internet are...[Added: 2006-03-06]
Category : Internet

Feds to Probe for Digital Music Price Fixing

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has opened an investigation into onl...[Added: 2006-03-06]
Category : Internet

Virgin Mobile Gets Automated

U.K. wireless giant Virgin Mobile dodged a licensing bullet and slashed s...[Added: 2006-03-06]
Category : Wireless Mobile

Google switches from Intel to AMD

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Search engine giant Google Inc. is switching its...[Added: 2006-03-05]
Category : Network

Trimble Unveils Thumbnail-Sized GPS Receiver

A thumbnail-sized surface mount GPS receiver was unveiled Thursday by Tri...[Added: 2006-03-04]
Category : Wireless Mobile

IntelliReach, Akonix Team Up For Integrated E-mail and IM Archiving

IntelliReach Corp. has partnered with instant messaging security provider...[Added: 2006-03-04]
Category : Security

Oracle Introduces Enterprise-Grade Search Tool

Oracle has unveiled an enterprise-grade search engine that promises not o...[Added: 2006-03-04]
Category : Internet

Storage Sales Surged To $24 Billion In '05

Sales of data storage hardware surged in the fourth quarter, research fir...[Added: 2006-03-04]
Category : Hardware

IBM lauds voice apps API

IBM will announce on Friday open source software intended to improve the ...[Added: 2006-03-04]
Category : Open Source

Proofpoint Debuts Version 4 Of Its Messaging Security Gateway Appliance

Proofpoint Inc., Cupertino, has brought out version 4.0 of its Proofpoint...[Added: 2006-03-04]
Category : Security

Veoh Launches Peer Video Distribution Software

An Internet site that promises to revolutionize television distribution i...[Added: 2006-03-04]
Category : Software

WiMax: Beyond the Hype

Broadband wireless has moved beyond the pipedream stage, according to a n...[Added: 2006-03-03]
Category : Wireless Mobile

Lenovo Looks to Corel for New PCs

Corel and Lenovo Group have inked a deal to ship Corel's office productiv...[Added: 2006-03-03]
Category : Software

Report: TVs, notebooks drive Q4 LCD sales up 69%

MANHASSET, N.Y. — Global shipments of large-area (10 in. and over) ...[Added: 2006-03-03]
Category : Hardware

Schools cracking down on teen Web site MySpace

Is it a virtual hangout for millions of American teenagers, like a sprawl...[Added: 2006-03-03]
Category : Internet

SEC Shuts Down $50 Million Autosurf Ponzi Scam

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Monday announced it had file...[Added: 2006-03-03]
Category : Security

Symantec's New Consumer Backup Software

Symantec announced new backup and recovery software aimed at consumers Mo...[Added: 2006-03-02]
Category : Software

IBM, Novell Unveil Open Source Online ID Management

IBM and Novell Inc. on Monday said they were contributing code to an open...[Added: 2006-03-02]
Category : Open Source

Mercury Computer, TI Tout WiMAX Base Station Module

Mercury Computer Systems will utilize Texas Instruments components to pro...[Added: 2006-03-01]
Category : Network

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